Whether you are looking for a custom exhibit design, a rental or a pop-up display, you have to start with with strategic planning.

Deem Loureiro begins each project by gaining a true understanding a company’s brand identity and it’s marketing objectives.We gain an understanding of your customers’ journey from before the show to afterwards, and use that knowledge to develop a plan of action. Research moves us towards brainstorming and analyzing ideas that will meet this objective within your company’s allocated budget.

Upon completion of strategic planning comes creative implementation.  Our multi-disciplined creative staff is well versed in graphics, 3D and interactive design to bring your brand to life in the exhibit in a fun, engaging and functional way.

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Our Mission is to visually and vocally make your hard work work hard for you.
Our Vision is to build a lasting relationship with our clients, because nothing is more meaningful than creating something together and nurturing it to its full potential.

We look forward to hearing from you and are here to answer any questions you might have.