Roadmap To Digital Success

When designing a successful website you need to take many things into consideration, to create the look and feel you want your clients to have when they visit your page. Planning is the most important one, as it calls for a complete understanding of the company it is created for. We will have a good understanding of you and what your company goals entail and how we can best utilize this information to help you achieve your online goals. 

Now, it’s time to put together a plan for your web site. Creation of a site map is the step, a site map is a list of all the main topic areas of your sit. That will server as a general guide for the content that will be on your site for your visitors to view. These topics will turn into a easy to navigate system that will share a consistent feel across your website that will bring your branding to life in future stages of the process. Your end user, usually your customer must be on the front of this thought process because after all they are the visitors who you want to make the most impact to.

Taking the research from the first two phases let’s determinate the layout and feel of your site. Your target audience is the most important factor to your design, if you plan to reach a senior citizen demographic then you do not want a high tech, bright or hard to navigate page. You instead want to focus on larger buttons for navigation, with large pictures and text which appeal to that target demographics. Branding and color selection plays a vital role in not only the overall look, but how long people stay on interior pages of your web page. This step requires constant communication between our web designers and you to make sure that you are reaching your target demographics and that you love your new website.

We will have you provide all your pictures, video’s and other content so that we can begin to bring your vision to life. This is the point in the process where we begin to create all the different elements and input them into the functional website.  Starting with your “Home” or landing page we work with you to get your content in the order that your audience will enjoy and will connect best with. Once the landing page has been completed we use this as a reference for all your interior pages, treating a easy navigational structure that will remain consistent throughout the entire site. Using this look and feel we will also implement into the site any E-Commerce, Contact Form, Shopping Cart or any additional needed elements. You will be provided with a link that you can view the progress in a web browser so you can see your new website coming to life! You will have the ability to suggest any additional changes you would like to have completed.

Testing has completed and we double check all the functionality of any scripts, contact forms and web links. Fix any mobile, tablet or compatibility layout issues so that your website is easy to navigate on all platforms. Next, we open your new layout on all the different web browsers, cross platform browser testing is a vital step to ensure that no matter how your audience finds you they are able to easily navigate your content and branding. Now its time for the Final Approval and you love your new site! Great, now its time to make your website live for everyone to see. We will need access to your domain and your web hosting services, we also have recommendations if you don’t currently have one or are not happy with your current service providers. Then, we start moving your website to the live servers, but not before we do one last step of testing to make sure that there is a smooth transition.

Your shiny new website will not gain you new leads, visitors, web traffic or potential sales if no one can find your website. Promoting your website is one of the most important step in the process! Search Engine Optimization or “SEO” is the process of optimizing your new website with all elements that assist you with ranking in Search Engines such as Google and Bing. The process includes back end coding such as title tags and descriptions, keyword tags, meta tags and the list goes on and on. All of which help your website increase your search engine rankings, over time potentially reach the front page! Promoting your website is an important step in the process, because even though you have a brand new site we need to make sure that people can find it!

The Process

Cool Timeline


Promoting & Analytics

Promoting & Analytics
Be to date in an evolving digital world with analytics.

Site Launch & Training

Site Launch & Training
Website goes on live servers & training begins.

Development & Testing

Development & Testing
We create the code that runs your website.

Content Strategy & Design

Content Strategy & Design
Clearly communicate your brand identity.

Planning & Research

Planning & Research
Determining the goals of the website.

Ways To Promote

Content SEO Pages

Increase Organic Rankings Search Engines

Pay Per Click Ads

Monthly Managed Google & Bing Ads

Link Building

Hand Created Quality Back-links

Local Listings & Citations

Managed Local Listings

Pixel Ad-Vantage

Pay Per Click Remarketing Tool

Social Media Management

Managed Social Media Feeds

Our Mission is to visually and vocally make your hard work work hard for you.
Our Vision is to build a lasting relationship with our clients, because nothing is more meaningful than creating something together and nurturing it to its full potential.

We look forward to hearing from you and are here to answer any questions you might have.